Animals weighing themselves are Japan’s newest line of strangely relatable capsule toys figures

We know how you feel, panda.

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You can now rent “fat people” in Japan

New company seeks to change the image of being overweight in Japanese society.

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Yahoo! Japan bans ads that “create inferiority complexes” about weight, physical characteristics

Internet portal says such ads “preserve and promote discrimination.”

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Man sheds half his body weight, looks like a handsome model in just one year

Impressive weight loss transforms this man’s body and mind, but it’s his new face that’s blowing everyone away. 

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Survey picks “thin” as second-least-attractive body type for Japanese women

Heavier body type picked as cutest for second year in a row.

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Japan’s extra-slim “Cinderella weight” diet target sparks debate online over health concerns

Formula works out to 18 percent lighter than Japan Medical Association guidelines, but not everyone thinks it’s a problem.

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Japanese research team set to redefine the kilogram for the first time in 130 years

This weighty physics revolution might just change the way you look at numbers.

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Japanese women describe their personal ideal height and weight【Video】

What would Japanese women like to change about their own bodies in terms of height and weight?

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Fascinating Meiji-era candy ad claims to help you get fat, get sex appeal

Nintendo, Suntory, Mitsubishi… what do they all have in common? Well, they’re all companies established during the Meiji period (1868 – 1912) that are still thriving today. Call it nepotism if you like, but companies are often handed down from father to son, which is why Japan has more old companies than anywhere else in the world.

Confectionery company Asadaame is another one of these Meiji-era companies. Established in 1887, they’re still selling candy to this day. And recently an advertisement for their candy was discovered that dates back from those early days – and shows some very different attitudes towards physical standards of attractiveness

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Bizarre “diet-gram” shows which parts of the body store certain foods as fat, but we’re not buying it!

There’s a particularly vindictive little saying that some diet bores like to trot out as a warning to people who like to enjoy food without feeling guilty about it: a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips. But according to this totally bonkers diagram that’s been doing the rounds of the Japanese internets, it turns out that the cookie you munched after lunch might be heading straight for your knees, while the dressing on your salad is about to zoom straight towards your armpits.

Wait, what?!

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Japanese Woman Dies after Heavy-Set Police Officer Sits on Her

In Sakai City, Osaka last November a woman in her 40s died from a case of hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE), a condition that occurs when oxygen is cut off from the brain.

A possible cause of the HIE is suspected to have been the 100kg (220lbs) police officer who had sat on the woman’s back like one would on a pony.

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Yet More Unnecessary Ways to Estimate the Size of a Man’s Junk: Childhood Rumours Both Quashed and Verified by Science

It’s been a funny sort of week here at RocketNews24. While it was never agreed upon at any of our meetings, the issue of our private parts and their relative size has cropped up more than a couple of times within the space of a few days. And this post is no exception.

“Penises on the brain…” as The Office’s Dwight Schrute, a personal hero of mine, once put it…

We’ve talked about breasts and how they, and attitudes towards them, have changed over the years, and we’ve seen innovative Chinese methods of calculating the length of a man’s old chap without need of a ruler or any special equipment.

But Japanese website News Post Seven, it seems, has struck upon some rather interesting information that, potentially, blows all other theories out of the water when it comes to the issue of John Thomas’ dimensions. Read More