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Japanese high school students hatch chick without an eggshell during class【Video】

While it doesn’t answer the age-old question of which came first, the chicken or the egg, this high school class experiment is a pretty amazing one nonetheless.

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Tokyo Board of Education to Offer “Insect Touching Classes” to Teachers Who Are Afraid of Bugs

Earlier this week, we ran an article featuring the most hated insects in Japan.  This article revealed that 40.4% of those surveyed dislike all bugs, no matter what kind.

In addition, an article from Karapaia discloses that an overwhelming amount of teachers in Tokyo admit they are afraid of insects.  In order to encourage these teachers to successfully incorporate nature observation and science experiments in the classroom, the Tokyo Municipal Board of Education will begin offering lectures featuring simple science experiments and animal care classes next spring, including a lecture on how to touch insects.  These classes will be held at universities and zoos and are aimed at elementary school teachers who have limited knowledge in the field of science.

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