Japanese sergeant major uses body to shield soldiers from volcanic debris, gets killed himself

Fearless hero saved lives in exchange for his own during recent Mt. Kusatsu-Shirane eruption.

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Chinese cadet is beautiful enough to make you want to join the army

It is often said that female idol groups are the saviors of excitement-deprived male soldiers toiling in the army. In China, however, it seems like the army has gotten its own idol this time. Joyin, a new member of the Chinese army, caught the attention of netizens and gained international fame when her pictures were uploaded on social media. Click on the full article for more of a different kind of ‘uniform girl’.

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South Korean military under fire after severe hazing leaves private dead

More details have emerged of the abuse suffered by a private in the South Korean Army who died after intense physical bullying from fellow soldiers, and photos of his body reveal it to be black and blue with bruises. The incident has sparked outrage and concern for other young soldiers who may be suffering hazing or other problems during their intense mandatory two-year conscription.

Warning: This post contains graphic imagery and descriptions of violence.

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Spy on North Korea for Only 32 Cents!

The city of Dandong lies on the border of China and North Korea separated by the 900-meter wide Yalu River. Taking the China-North Korea Friendship Bridge would take you right into Sinuiju, North Korea, if you have the right permission.

However, word has it that there’s a place upstream of the Yalu where it is only three or four meters across. The place is known as Yibu Kua (“a step across”) due to the fact that one could easily step into the other country by walking across the stones in the river.  RocketNews24‘s Kuzo went to check it out.

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American Soldier Suspected of Trespassing and Assaulting Okinawan Middle School Student After Curfew

Since 16 October a curfew has been in place on all US soldiers stationed in Japan restricting them from leaving their bases from 11pm to 5am.  This was in response to an incident where two soldiers allegedly raped a young Japanese woman in Okinawa.

However, on 2 November what appeared to have been a drunk American soldier trespassed into a room and struck a young boy.  The police investigation is ongoing.

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