This soothing video shows a Japanese craft pro making an unbelievably realistic felt cat

Need a break? Need gift ideas? Let this beautiful video relax you while showing you the process of making a realistic felt cat torso.

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Sumo wrestlers are back to slap out autographs at a powerful tempo【Videos】

The hand-stamp assembly line is back in full force in these strangely soothing Twitter videos, featuring top-ranked sumo stars.

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A cat, a straw hat, and a truck turn out to be a perfectly adorable summer combination 【Video】

Summer has always been my favorite season, and I’m positive the original reason was the generous, three-month summer vacation of the American school system. Yet even as a legal adult, with work responsibilities that continue nonstop for all 12 months, this is still my favorite time of year.

Every now and then, I’ll catch a perfect moment of soothing, oven-warm calm, and in that instant, I don’t have a care in the world. There’s a certain contentedness that can only come from a quiet summer afternoon, and it looks like it affects cats as well as humans, as this adorable kitty in Kagoshima Prefecture shows.

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