Need a break? Need gift ideas? Let this beautiful video relax you while showing you the process of making a realistic felt cat torso.

Is there anything the Internet loves more than cats? Probably not, but a close contender are video showcases where talented individuals carve sculptures, perform magic tricks or make tiny meals.

A YouTuber called WakuNeco is currently wowing the Internet by taking two great tastes: cats and high-production craft videos. Then they combined those two great tastes into a craft video all about creating your own fuzzy felt cat masterpiece, or catsterpiece! (And don’t worry, the video itself features plenty of real-life cat cameos to keep everybody happy).

In the video we see the materials prepared, from the soft patches for the velvety ears to the bright, glassy beads that serve as the cat’s eyes.

▼ The workstation is all ready to create some cuddly kitties

▼ The head cat supervisor drops in for some creative direction

We then see the artist modelling the shape of the cat’s head using a hooked needle and very precise, powerful movements. Through the gorgeous camera shots, we can get a sense for how long the projects can take, and how many tools are truly necessary; after applying glass eyes, the artist uses fibre-tip pens to mark out the fur patterns on the head and then threads even more fabric into the base!

The excess fluff is finely pinched, stitched and snipped into place to create a realistic fur pelt. The effect takes a very long time, but looks stunning upon completion. Once the finer facial details and the whiskers are in place, the head and torso can be cut out and placed in an attractive frame.

▼ Purr-fect!

Wool felting, the method used here, is a fun art that’s incredibly popular in Japan, and while some people can create perfect life-like masterpieces out of the swatches of felt and fur, it takes a practiced hand to avoid hilarious mis-steps.

Did you get inspired to try your hand at some kitty crafts yourself? Well, we at SoraNews24 hope it goes better than our efforts to make a Shiba Inu back in 2013. We still get flashbacks…

Source, images: YouTube/わくねこ羊毛フェルト