Chinese stuntman sets Guinness record for fastest lap on Nurburgring using only two-wheels

It was also probably the slowest lap ever recorded on the notorious race track, but that’s understandable.

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Chinese company mimics levitation trick, unamused authorities immediately shut it down【Video】

Whether it’s deserved or not, China has something of a reputation for producing convincing copies. Another thing the country is known for, however, is having authorities that do not suffer fools gladly… 

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Aerial athletes compete in the 2014 Wingsuit World Flying Contest in China

Introducing wingsuit flying, perhaps the most daring, adrenaline-inducing extreme sport ever to be performed on this planet.

“Wait, that kind of thing actually exists? Where can I join in the fun?” is what some of our more adventurous readers may be thinking right now. Well, we can confidently say that the sport exists – and already has quite the following, for that matter – though we’re not so sure about the fun part. Either way, you may want to check out just how crazy the competition is before you sign up for next year’s world event…

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Summer of stupid 2013: a look back at some of Japan’s most obnoxious tweeted photos

Summer vacation in Japan is quite short compared to other countries running only for around a month and a half. On top of that, with extra-curricular activities and homework to do during that time children still have limited freedom to enjoy themselves. When there’s some time to let loose, you bet they’re going to take it.

Combine that with the social phenomena of Middle Seconditis (Chu Ni Byo) wherein students in the second year of middle school undergo an unusually self-centered or rebellious phase. However, contrary to the name, Middle Seconditis can affect anyone at any time – especially if a freezer is nearby.

Thanks to the advent of social networks such as Twitter, we can now monitor the behavior of Middle Seconditis sufferers and try to find a cure for this dreaded disease. Let us examine some specimens.

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