Our Mos Burger superfan knows which cheeseburger is the best at Mos Burger…but maybe there’s a new contender.

Last year, Japanese burger chain Mos Burger released a splendid sandwich they called the “White Mos Burger”. It was a version of their signature meat sauce burger dressed with a sauce made of five different kinds of cheese that looked like an avalanche of snow, bringing to mind a winter field even in the midst of the blistering summer heat. It turned out to be so popular that it sold over 3.5 million units during the limited time it was available.

If you tried it and loved it, or if you didn’t get to try it, you’re in luck because the burger gods have blessed us with the return of the White Mos Burger as of July 12! Our Japanese-language reporter and wrestling enthusiast Kouhey, who loves Mos Burger so much even he thinks it’s ridiculous, actually missed his chance to try it last year, so he was over the moon to find out it’s back. He headed for his neighborhood Mos Burger without delay.

The White Mos Burger (500 yen [US$3.60]) is a limited-time-only menu item available now until the middle of September, which is the same period it was available last year. The base is their signature burger, called the Mos Burger, which has meat sauce, chopped onions, and a slice of tomato. The original cheese sauce they put on top is what makes this new burger distinct.

The sauce is made of five types of cheese: cream cheese, Gouda, Emmental, cheddar, and parmesan. While the original Mos Burger also has a cheeseburger version, the difference between them is, as you can guess, that the ordinary cheese Mos Burger only has sliced cheese as a topping.

In contrast, the White Mos Burger has a veritable dollop of overflowing cheese sauce, making it nothing short of glorious.

But Mos Burger has another cheeseburger that, in Kouhey’s opinion, beats out every other chain’s cheeseburgers. It is a masterpiece, a work of art. It is the “Tobikiri Cheese ~with Hokkaido Gouda Cheese~” burger (540 yen), which translates as the “Exceptional Cheese” burger.

This burger doesn’t use the same patty as the Mos Burger; instead, it’s more like a hamburg steak made of domestically raised ground beef. That, combined with the perfect amount of seasoned cheese and an original Japanese-style sauce, makes it a beautifully well-balanced burger. In Kouhey’s opinion, there is no other cheeseburger that reaches so close to perfection.

On the other hand, the cheese sauce on the White Mos Burger has been upgraded from last year. Since the burger itself was so popular, that has to mean it’s even more delicious. So which one is better? Kouhey had to try them both to determine which one is the King of Mos Cheeseburgers.

The White Mos Burger met his expectations with the amount of delectable-looking cheese sauce.

The Tobikiri Cheese burger, by comparison, did appear to have slightly less cheesy goodness, but its appearance still lived up to its “Exceptional” name.

But when the two sandwiches were placed side-by-side with their buns opened, there was a distinct difference in the amount of cheese between the two. The Tobikiri Cheese had more consistent distribution. It could be that the cheese sauce on the White Mos Burger had been strategically placed more to the front of the burger, in order to exude a sense of splendor.

But the look was less important than the flavor. Kouhey started his taste test with a huge bite of the White Mos Burger.

“Hmm…Yes, I see.”

The first thing Kouhey tasted was the potent sourness of the cheese. It was completely different from any other kind of cheese he was used to eating on a cheeseburger. It was pungent enough that whether you liked it or not would depend on your personal tastes. In Kouhey’s case, he could not get over the sourness.

However, it must have been even more sour last year, since what they changed this year was the intensity of the cheese sauce. Apparently, they cut some of the more acidic ingredients out. Since Kouhey already found this year’s cheese sauce to be too sour, he couldn’t imagine what last year’s must have tasted like.

In any case, to compare, he took a bite of the Tobikiri Cheese ~with Hokkaido Gouda Cheese~ burger.

“Yep, that’s the flavor I love!”

He hadn’t had one in a couple of months, but Kouhey was convinced that no other cheeseburger in this price range could beat this burger. The flavor, amount, and texture of the hamburg-style patty and the cheese, and the way the Japanese-style sauce drew out the best of them, was, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, close to perfection.

One other thing that was important to note about this burger was how easy it was to eat. In Kouhey’s opinion, one of the pitfalls of Mos Burgers’ signature burgers is that they’re overall very soft. Their patties are made much softer than other burger chains, and on top of that, the special meat sauce they add to the burgers makes them even softer.

In the case of the White Mos Burger, also adding the cheese sauce makes it even worse, and if you aren’t careful as you eat it, you could end up with a big, sloppy, sticky mess at the end. For Kouhey, that’s a definite minus.

The Tobikiri Cheese burger, on the other hand, is, as we’ve mentioned, made from ground beef in the style of a hamburg steak, and the Gouda cheese topping is a great complement, so there’s no gooey mess to worry about.

So in the end, the King of Mos Cheeseburgers is still, in Kouhey’s opinion, the Tobikiri Cheese ~with Hokkaido Gouda Cheese~ burger. There was no competition. Naturally, whether you agree depends on your personal tastes, so if you want to know which one you like best, you’ll have no choice but to go and try them both for yourself.

Now of course, you can’t make a final decision about the best Mos Burger cheeseburger without going to the Mosh Grab n Go, which is a Mos Burger branch entirely dedicated to cheeseburgers. Seems like Kouhey will have to do another taste test soon!

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