traffic jam

You’ve probably never had as much fun in a traffic jam than these Chinese motorists 【Pics】

Whether it be Japan’s Golden Week, America’s Memorial Day or any other national holidays in the spring, the draw of good weather and free time calls people out of their homes. Who could resist a nice drive under blue skies, while not having to think about usual daily responsibilities? Probably no one on the planet.

On May 1, China celebrated Labor Day, a national holiday. Free from work, people headed out. If you haven’t heard, China has a lot of people, so with nearly everyone having a day off, you can only imagine what the traffic was like! While most people would let heavy traffic ruin their day, some Chinese people who were stuck in an infinity-long line of traffic decided to not let the situation get them down and instead brought the party on to the road.

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Chinese motorists dance their way through traffic jam

Funkiness broke out on a congested highway outside Kunming City, Yunnan Province, on 22 April. As a car accident brought traffic to a standstill, thousands of motorists found themselves stranded on the asphalt with no escape in sight.

So they did all anyone could do at a time like that: get their groove on.

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Road hog jams up 10 buses, keeps everyone waiting while he buys lunch 【Video】

Imagine that you’re running late for an important appointment. Rushing out of the house, you hop into your car, hastily buckling up and zooming off, praying that the roads are clear. Just barely five minutes on the road and you get caught at a red light. To make things worse, a lovey-dovey couple are staring into each other’s eyes as they slowly make their way across the pedestrian crossing, oblivious to the traffic lights changing from red to green.

Cursing under your breath, you impatiently tap on your GPS in an attempt to find the fastest way to your destination, and realize that you can take a shortcut by turning into a narrower road at the next turn ahead. Revving up, you decide to take the shortcut, doing an imaginary drifting move around the curve and swiftly slipping into the alley, only to find yourself caught in an immense jam of nearly a dozen buses lined up on that single lane. What the f#@%?!

Turns out, some inconsiderate hog parked his car in the middle of the road, just so he could get some takeout. Seriously?

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