Japanese driver in traffic jam gets the worst possible vehicle stuck behind him【Video】

How long could you listen to the same lines in a song over and over again before you completely lose it?

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Nintendo Switch’s “Baby” game turns your console controller into a screaming nightmare【Video】

Experience the joy of sleepless nights and stress migraines with Nintendo’s 1-2-Switch!

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W.T.F. Japan: Top 5 most annoying sounds in Japan 【Weird Top Five】

Get ready to cover your ears, because these are some of the worst sounds made in Japan.

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The top 10 most mildly infuriating kitchen disasters, as presented by Japanese Twitter

Don’t cry over spilled milk, but definitely cry over some of these.

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Top 10 most irritating Japanese borrowed words – Part 2 (The people’s top 10)

My entries for the “Top 10 most irritating Japanese borrowed words” weren’t irritating enough for some people – so I’ve formulated a part two (“tsuu”) with your help!

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Top 10 most irritating Japanese borrowed words

Here are some Japanese words that can drive English-speakers crazy when learning Japanese!

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Japanese people reflect on examples of irritating, excess customer services in Japan

Unless you grew up in Japan, you may be baffled by the emphasis that Japanese employees place on customer service. Customers in Japan are treated as royalty from every possible angle, even if they’re just out buying a few pieces of fried chicken at the local convenience store. If you’re not used to it, you may find the special treatment to be endearing, but after a while you may come to think of all the excess services as unnecessary and annoying.

It turns out that some Japanese people feel the same way about their own country’s customs regarding customer service. Have you ever felt the same about any of the following situations?

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Enough already! 10 all-too-common occurrences in Japanese anime

Let’s play a game. I’m going to say a word, and you have to say the first thing that pops into your mind. OK, ready? Here it goes: ANIME!

What was the first thing that you thought of? Maybe the stereotypical big eyes, or common visual aids like sweat drops? Regardless, chances are you weren’t alone in your thinking–even though there are some incredibly original and groundbreaking works of Japanese animation, there are unfortunately just as many series with incredibly clichéd story lines.  

It appears that an article covering this topic from last year on science and science-fiction-themed website i09 has recently been making the rounds online. Translated versions of the piece, titled “10 completely annoying anime cliches,” have just recently popped up on Chinese and Japanese websites under the tagline “10 conventions in anime that foreigners are fed up with.”

We bet you’ll have no problem recognizing them!

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Grumpy tweet receives backlash, Netizens discuss morality of sitting on floor

You never know what’s going to cause a mini Twitter storm in this day and age. One grumpy commuter caused fellow netizens to take sides on an issue that is surely one of the great debates of the modern era – should teachers be making their students sit on the floor of a train?!

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The evolution of one cat’s pestering skills 【Video】

Meet Leo-chan, an American shorthair cat living in Japan who is a master at being both annoying and adorable at the same time. Check out this video of her adorable poses as she begs for food.  

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10 cringeworthy habits of English-speaking Japanese

As Japan sees more and more people being exposed to English through making foreign friends, working with colleagues from overseas or even just watching more American films, some Japanese people feel left behind in this English “boom.” They see more and more of their friends picking up certain habits that some may see as cosmopolitan, but they interpret as bragging about a new “international” lifestyle.

Click below to find out 10 things English-speaking Japanese do that make their friends and family roll their eyes!

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Gundam Pachinko Ad Slowly Driving Japan’s YouTube Users Insane

Just last week, after having sat through it for possibly the tenth time in just a couple of hours, I took a screen grab of an unskippable YouTube ad and shared it on my personal Facebook feed. Whether it’s the theme tune, the overly dramatic presenter’s way of speaking or the fact that I care nothing for pachinko, I don’t know, but this ad was slowly driving me mad. As it turns out, I wasn’t alone.

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