Uta no Prince-sama

We get exclusive look at new Utano⭐︎Princesama Shining Live game, fall in love with cute idol boys

The newest title in the Utano☆Princesama mobile game series is the first to be released globally, and we got the chance to take an exclusive sneak peek at the game!

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Snow?! Uta no Prince-sama fans don’t care about no snow! (Or sleeping, apparently)

Though it’s not official, we’re starting to think that Japan’s national sport is waiting in line. The colder the day and the longer you stand around shivering, the more points you seem to get. Hey, it’s a lot less violent than, say, sportsball, so we’re not criticizing.

And the most recent line-waiting competition took place this Friday–just in time for the first snow of 2015 in the Tokyo/Yokohama area! We think that’s like a kicking a three-pointer in baseball or something. But who or what were these hundreds of people waiting for in the middle of the snow outside Yokohama Arena?

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Not Your Grandmother’s Birthday Cake, Torte Bakery in Gunma Churns Out Some Amazing Anime Cakes

At Torte in Takasaki city, Gunma prefecture, anime enthusiasts and otaku alike can order their favorite anime character on a cake.  Starting at 3,300 yen (US $42), Torte handcrafts strawberry whipped cream cakes topped with beautiful illustrations.

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