Spooky dystopian “State of Emergency” ads make Hakata Station feel like the world of Evangelion

These ads make us wonder if we’re taking the state of emergency seriously enough! 

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Discovery of unregistered radioactive substance in Japanese university shocks students

A thorough campus sweep for more traces of the dangerous chemical is underway.

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Japanese employee finds frightening warning in office bathroom, disguised as a friendly reminder

The hidden warning in a foreign language urged readers to run.

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Talent agency frustrated at idol fans’ aggressiveness, tells them to stop on official website

Instinctively chasing down idols may be acceptable in fans’ eyes, but not so in everyone else’s.

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Series of YouTube videos threaten attacks on commuters at Hakata Station on June 14

Bulletin boards in Japan are hot with rumour and speculation today after videos recorded by an as yet unidentified Japanese male threaten random knife attacks on members of the public at stations in Japan, with Fukuoka’s Hakata Station ultimately named as the spot where the attack will take place.

Although neither the following article nor the videos within it contain any graphic imagery, some readers may nevertheless find their content disturbing.

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