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Family event in Japan sees grown-ups and kids alike wandering into a giant, inflatable anus

No, there’s no visual trickery at hand here; you are seeing that image right: a person really is walking into a giant, inflatable butt. At a children’s event held in Saitama City, just outside of Tokyo.

If you are wondering what a giant inflatable butt is doing at a family-oriented event, you’re not alone, as the scene has a number of people concerned for the future of Japan.

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Tokyo’s Top 14 Weird Theme Bars

Japan has more than its fair share of the delightfully bizarre. If you are looking to experience some of it first hand, with a frosty beverage in hand to help you embrace the weird, of course, check out this list of Tokyo’s top theme bars. Read More

BREAKING NEWS: Captain Jack Sparrow Now Manages Cake Shop

As I was taking a walk through the city the other day, I encountered a cake shop with a fantastic exterior like something out of a fairy tale. It had a very cheerful ambiance, and on closer inspection, I noticed a remarkable figure. Could it be? Star of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Jack Sparrow, selling pastries? Captain Jack managing a cake shop?
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