Uniqlo, the clothing retailer who has achieved ubiquitous status in Japan is continuing its ambitious plans to expand worldwide. In order to achieve their goal of earning 5 trillion yen (US$60 billion) by 2020, they have been aggressively building larger and larger flagship stores around the world.

They already have stores in major world cities like New York City, London, Paris, Shanghai, Seoul and Taipei. Now, they are set for their biggest creation to date the Global Flagship Uniqlo Store in Tokyo’s upscale Ginza District. Located along its busiest street, the store boasts a towering 12 floors of store-brand clothing with nearly 5,000 square meters of floor space, which is a little smaller than an American football field. It eclipses their previous triumph, New York’s Fifth Avenue recently open flagship store, which has a meager 4,620m2.

Once opened, you can expect the same quality and variety of merchandise Uniqlo is known for. Only now it’s on a scale that should offer something for men, women, and children off all shapes and sizes. As for the old Uniqlo, also located along the main Chuo Road in Ginza, parent company Fast Retailing has plans to reopen it as one of their discount clothing retailers, g.u.

Uniqlo’s undaunted growth and optimism are a nice change from the usual doom and gloom we read about during this global recession. It shows that they are the same company that rose to the top in Japan during its Lost Decades.

If you haven’t seen a Uniqlo open up wherever you are yet, just wait. They are most likely shopping for real-estate near you right now.

Large Flagship Uniqlo Stores
Tokyo (Ginza, Opens Next Year) 4,920m2
New York City (5th Ave) 4,620m2
Seoul (Jung-gu) 3,960m2
Shanghai (Nanjing Road) 3,630m2
New York City (Soho) 3,300m2
Taipei (Sinyi) 3,300m2
Osaka (Shinsaibashi ) 2,640m2
London (Oxford Street) 2,300m2
Paris(Opera Store) 2,145m2