Sometimes we all need a little lovin’. Now you can get a kiss anywhere, at any time, with the saucy new iPhone app Choi Kiss, loosely translated as Kisses on the Go. This little piece of heaven won’t even cost you a penny.

When you start up the application, a pair of glistening lips appears on your screen. You can then hold the phone in one hand, press it to your cheek and have those lips lay one on you with a hearty “mwah!”

Then a voice will whisper sweet nothings in your ear, like, “But just that one, silly,” in a flirty voice or, “Are you blushing? Aw, that’s sweet,” in an older woman’s voice. The voice actress, Asuka Ogame, does a really fantastic moe voice.

Users can even change the lips to fit their preference. Whether it’s a photo of your crush or an illustration of your favorite anime character, you can make it look like their lips are yours for the smooching. It’s the perfect thing to cheer you up when you are feeling down or in a slump.

via Netolabo