With the magic of smartphones, find out who’s starring in an anime while barely even lifting a finger.

For many Japanese anime fans, sometimes what’s more important than the anime itself is who is voicing the characters. In fact, when a new anime is announced–especially of a popular manga–everyone usually wants to know who will play the voice of the main character, because the voice can make or break the anime in many fans’ eyes. Voice actors sometimes amass their own fan bases, too–with some even gaining the same level of attention as idols.

Those who have their favorite voice actors will instantly recognize their voices, but those who haven’t yet dipped their toes in Japanese seiyu (voice actor) fandom, will sometimes want to know who’s behind that voice. You might recognize it from another anime, or really like the way it sounds. Maybe you’ll want to look it up, but who wants to pause the show so that you can whip out your phone and spend an arduous few minutes searching the web?

No one, that’s who. That’s why Japanese company DIP Corporation has come up with the app ANIVO, which will listen to an anime voice and instantly tell you who it is. With just an audio clip, the app uses AI technology to analyze and identify the voice, so that all you have to do is load up the app and let it do its job. You barely have to take your eyes away from the show!

ANIVO lets you not only look up the name of the voice actor it hears, but it will bring up information about that voice actor, like what other works they’ve participated in. If you like that actor’s voice, this will make it easy to choose a new show based on the actor. It’s also convenient if you recognize the voice but don’t remember where you’ve heard it before.

The app is also linked to a video search service, so it will even show videos featuring that voice actor’s work. You can find everything you need without typing a single thing, which makes this a great resource for anime and voice actor fans.

The app will be officially available starting in the spring of 2021, but pre-registration, which will allow you to use the app ahead of time, is now open. Pre-registration simply involves following @anivo_ on Twitter or adding Anivo on LINE. For Japanese anime fans, this app is certainly a must-have, so get your name on the list so you can be one of the ones to get it sooner rather than later!

Source: ANIVO via Robostart via livedoor news via Hachima Kiko
Images: PR Times
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