Among both train nerds and the general public, the bright red 300-series cars that originally ran on the Marunouchi subway line in Tokyo are much beloved. This year, that line celebrates the 50th anniversary of the completion of its full length, and someone has fittingly made it a cake. Literally.

The cakes, called Marunouchi Line 300-Series 3D Cake, are being sold for a limited time at the price of 7980 yen (about $97).

Layer upon layer of sponge cake alternates with layers of strawberry cream, while the whole thing is covered in red icing designed to resemble the nostalgic subway cars, complete with the iconic wave design along the sides. Each cake is made to order by hand and comes with a blank chocolate plate to place on the front, on which you can write anything you want in lieu of the destination. Customers will also get a limited edition 300-series lens cloth, though we aren’t entirely sure what that has to do with trains or cake. Orders can be placed on Tokyo Metro’s online store until May 15th.

Other 50th anniversary commemorations goods are available as well, including 300-series plastic folders (250 yen/~$3). Beginning in April, you can also get 300-series ceramic phone straps (900 yen/~$11), tie pins (1800 yen/~$22), and train-shaped erasers (200 yen/~$2.50). Just FYI, but elsewhere on the site you can also buy monthly train passes and tickets to the train museum in Saitama.

source Tokyo Metro via ITmedia (Japanese)