Everyone has the embarrassing experience at least once in their life of forgetting to zip up their pants and going out into the world with their fly down. Well, a creative fellow on the video sharing website Nico Nico Douga has made a handy little device to make sure your privates stay private, and he’s shared his bargain-basement methodology and funky dance moves with the world.

In the video, which he’s titled “My Attempt to Make an Open-Fly Prevention Device,” the user explains how he dissembled a light from the dollar store to make his little unit (pun intended). The light uses a mechanism where it turns off when near a magnet and on again if the magnet moves away. The user installed the circuit in his pants so that pulling up the zipper would switch the light off, and leaving it down would light it up, thus giving you a shining reminder to cover your junk.

Whip up one of these little babies and you’ll never be embarrassed by an open fly again. We can’t make any promises about the embarrassment of wearing some weird electrical device on your crotch, though…

Source: IT Media