Man selling ring intended for girlfriend who dumped him gets no sympathy from potential buyer

Japanese man dumped just before Christmas hopes for a sympathetic ear, gets emotionally punched twice more in the gut instead.

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Japanese Father’s Day present features business daifuku sweets on a crowded train

A little something to let dad know you understand what he goes through on his daily commute to work everyday.

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“Creepy” Japanese dolls among items Chinese souvenir shoppers leave on the shelves

Who wouldn’t want one of these lovable little dolls staring at you forever and ever…until you die…and maybe even after that.

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Need a gift to ensure your friends never forget you? How about a ridiculously huge teddy bear!

Ready to troll your friends by sending them a traditional incredibly inconvenient Japanese gift? Then read on!

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Don’t know whether to buy diamonds or candy for White Day? Sweet Jewels could be just the trick!

On White Day, an unabashedly commercial holiday on March 14, Japanese men are expected to buy presents in return for the chocolate they received on equally commercial holiday Valentine’s Day. And with a recent survey showing that limited-edition desserts and sweets are top of women’s wish-lists for White Day, this new offering from confectioner Ameya Eitaro could tick all the boxes.

With designs based on real diamond cuts such as the Koh-i-Noor and the Pasha of Egypt, these are one sweet treat that certainly looks expensive.

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From Tiffany to misspelled mugs: The best and worst of Japanese graduation memorial gifts

Graduation is often the most memorable day of a young person’s life. It represents the culmination of years of hard work, while also meaning that, in some cases, it’s time to say goodbye not to just a long chapter in our lives but people we have become close to. It’s certainly a day fraught with emotion!

While some may say that education is the best gift you can receive, Japanese schools like to give something a bit extra in the form of actual presents. Of course, you probably wouldn’t expect much–maybe an inkan with the school and student’s names or a cute little teddy bear. Either way, getting a bag full of Chanel makeup is the last thing you could imagine getting. Unless you’re one of these lucky students!

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Gift-giving guide: The double meaning behind everyday items

The act of gift giving is a special sort of science. Between all of the holidays, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and special moments in between, we get a lot of practice with presents, and yet sometimes it’s still so hard to pick out the perfect gift for any certain someone. Still, we’ve all heard horror stories about well-intentioned presents having the complete opposite effect. Now, not to increase your anxiety over gift giving, but did you know that many everyday items carry rude connotations when given as gifts, at least in certain cultures?

You’d like to think that anyone would be happy to receive something useful as a present, but then remember how it feels when your friend offers you a piece of gum. Perhaps it’s their favorite flavor and they just really want to share, but nonetheless you’re left with a nagging worry about how badly your breath must stink. These misunderstandings can happen on a much larger scale when cultural differences come into play. So, to help you all out, here’s a little guide to gift-giving manners.

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‘Tis the Season to Go Shopping – Japanese Men Prepared to (And Most Likely Expected to) Spend More on Christmas Presents than Women

You could probably say that we Japanese are generally not very strict when it comes to religion. Most Japanese go to Shinto shrines or Buddhist temples on New Year’s, many couples have weddings at churches regardless of their religion, and a majority of funerals in Japan are conducted in a Buddhist style. And of course, we can’t forget one of the biggest holidays of the year, Christmas, which the Japanese most definitely celebrate in a huge, though not Christian, way. And now that we’re into November, it won’t be long before we’re hearing “Jingle Bells” or “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” at every store we step into.

That means we’ll soon have to start thinking about Christmas presents. (Yikes!) So, in a country that is predominantly apathetic towards religion, do many Japanese people look forward to Christmas, and how much do they expect to spend on presents? NetMile, a Japanese internet research and shopping points program company, conducted a poll to find out, and the results were recently announced. Read More

Man Robs Girlfriend So He Can Buy Her Presents, Gives Love a Bad Name

Dating can be difficult and costly no matter what country you live in, but because of the economic inequality and old-fashioned customs of China it can be a down-right nightmare.

Take one Mr. Hu of Hubei Province whose girlfriend, ironically named Ms. Yuan, he had been dating for a couple months. However, because of money troubles he was unable to buy her presents and had to turn to a life of crime.

However, what could have been a romantic “man in love against the world” kind of rebel story turned out incredibly lame when the target of Hu’s criminal behavior turned out to be none other than Ms. Yuan herself.

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