If you weren’t in the know (and by the know we mean Japan), Japanese convenience store chain Family Mart and Hatsune Miku are running a promotional campaign from August 14 to September 10 to celebrate the Vocaloid’s 5th birthday.

To spread word of the campaign, Family Mart created a 15-second television commercial featuring Miku singing the store’s signature jingle and posted it to YouTube on August 17, though a ripped version had been posted to Japanese video sharing site Nico Nico Douga a few days earlier.

One group of enterprising viewers saw the video and immediately got the idea for a parody, which he posted to Nico Nico and YouTube on August 19. The parody, titled “Miku LOVES Seven Campaign [Fiction]”. features a super deformed Hatsune Miku singing the Japanese 7-Eleven jingle and is absolutely terrifying.

First, have a look at the original commercial below if you haven’t seen it already:

Now check out the parody version:

We think YouTube user coraleaterlinda puts it best: “If I walked out of there and saw that thing waiting for me in the parking lot, I’d get my shotgun.

The video was created by Hiroshima-based doujin circle zozi, whose creative works seem to focus on imposing 3D CG animation on live-action video. They’ve even created an English walking tour of Hiroshima as seen through the eyes of a delirious otaku.

The videos above have convinced us that a world where anime characters roam freely is a world we do not want to live in.

Source: YouTube