You’d think that when someone at Nestle proposed making a Kit Kat ice cream cone, they would have taken the conventional route and used ice cream with crushed up bits of Kit Kat in it.

But that was not the case with the frozen treat we came across at a supermarket during a recent trip to Sakhalin. Instead, this “Kit Kat Cone” was nothing more than a regular store-bought ice cream cone with a single Kit Kat wedged in the top.

Not gonna lie, we felt a little insulted after unwrapping the Kit Kat Cone. We could have just bought a pack of Kit Kats separately, stuck one into the top of a plain ice cream cone and still have had 3 Kit Kats left over for later.

The taste? Do we really need to explain it? Grab a pack of Kit Kats and a Giant Cone/Drumstick/whatever they call them in your region and find out yourself…

Kit Kat Cone is available in Sakhalin and, according to the internet, Japan (we’ve never seen it…), Malaysia and parts of Europe.

Photos: RocketNews24

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