What kind of person are you attracted to?  Good looking and intelligent may be at the top of many people’s list of attractive attributes, but not all of us are blessed with an abundance of physical beauty and/or high intelligence.

Self sufficiency and outspokenness would normally be good characteristics to have but are also widely overlooked by the male species when searching for a female to spend time with.  ‘Ah she doesn’t need me’, would be a likely initial reaction.  This could be one of the great universal truths: cultural boundaries disappear in the need for us to be needed.

Alright, so something has to be done and since it takes time for someone to find your ‘inner beauty’, you may want to try these sure-fire tactics, courtesy of our female Japanese editorial staff, for getting someone you’re interested in to be interested in you.  Ladies, arm yourselves!

1. Play Tech-Dumb

Take an antiquated cell phone with you the next time you go drinking with friends. Approach the man you have your eye on and strike up a conversation during which you intentionally take out the antiquated cell phone and start fiddling with it.  The moment for your Academy Award performance is at hand:

“Ohhhhh this cell phone!”  Moan lightly.  Ooze with helpless and gentle frustration.

When he says, “What’s the matter?” you’ve got him hooked.

Continue with your performance.  “I don’t know much about cell phones…  Had this one for AGES!  It’s really difficult to use…” Simper a bit over this.

Most likely your guy has the most recent edition of his favorite smartphone and is itching to show off his knowledge of it.  He’ll say, “Why don’t you get a new one?”  (If this guy isn’t perceptive enough to say anything then it is OK to ignore him and move on)

Act like the thought of dealing with a new cell phone is truly baffling and just the thought of it leaves you speechless.  “Well I … I, I …”  Brighten up with, “The latest iPhone 5 is really popular, isn’t it? How is it?  I really want a new phone but …” go back to being baffled.

“It’s a 4s, the iPhone 5 isn’t out yet.  What kind of phone do you want?”

He is all yours!  You need him to help you find a good cell phone!  On your next day off you can plan a date in search of the perfect cell phone.  You may even be able to get him to buy it for you!

2. Bubble Over With Enthusiasm

Be theatrical, he’ll love it!  At any gathering of mixed company guys like to brag, giving orations on their latest endeavors. Perk up your ears for the guy you like, inserting your “wows” and “Oh really?” in a timely fashion.  An “I didn’t know that!” will also make him feel good enough to elaborate.  “You’re kidding!  Whats that supposed to mean?”  Let him know you want to know more, adding in a sing-songy tone: “I’d love to hear about it!”  The excitement in your voice is evident and he will gain much satisfaction from all your enthusiasm. You will be a pro in no time with enough practice.

3. Bump Up the Cute Level

Here we run into the cultural aspects of what is attractive in a woman.  Repeating what your guy said, like you are saving it for posterity then putting your finger to your head and moving it in a circular fashion might be a good idea.  When asked “what are you doing?”, reply: “saving it on my hard drive.”  Your guy might think that was the cutest thing!  It will make you look daft, which is a good thing.  Your guy can feel superior without any guilt because you are just so darned cute!


4. The Omurice Trick

When you’re at a restaurant together make sure he knows you cannot eat omurice. Omurice is a Japanese dish of rice topped with an omelette and can be found on the menu in any family restaurant and many coffee shops throughout Japan. For those of you outside of Japan, any egg-based dish like a normal omelette should work fine.

When seated, make sure you are seated next to your guy so that you can share a menu.  Find the picture of omurice, gaze at it with consternation and exclaim sadly:

“I absolutely can’t eat omurice.”

There is almost 100% chance that your guy will respond with, “Why not?  You don’t like omurice?”

Be silent for a few seconds for dramatic effect and continue: “I… well” (take a deep breath) “Every time an egg is cracked open those cute little chickees die…they’re killed!  Those cute little baby chicks… I can’t bear to think about it!  They’ll never get a chance to be born, to hop around and chirp those cute little chirps…”  It is good to shiver at this point.

Your guy will gaze at you in amazement!  What a kind, sensitive angelic person you are!  Next he will be feeling the need to spend the time to really get to know you.  He’s yours!  Plans for a date are in the bag!

When you start going out with him, no doubt you will find yourselves at a similar restaurant where you can order omurice.  You’ve got to know each other well enough, but of course he is going to ask.  “Didn’t you say you couldn’t eat omurice?”

It is safe enough to blow it off with a “I’m OK with it now”, or “Oh, I got used to it”, or even a “Did I say that?…tehe-pero!

Original Author: Lady Ebiosu