Now don’t get me wrong. I love my wife and wouldn’t trade her for anyone in the world. But my brain is telling me that I just met the girl of my dreams at today’s Tokyo Game Show, and how can you argue with your own brain?

She’s a booth girl at Brain Kiss, a “neuro-diagnosis” app for iOS that tests the compatibility of two people by analyzing their brainwaves.

All you need to do is put on a special brainwave-reading headset developed by NeuroSky and stare deep into the eyes of the person in front of you for 15 seconds. Brain Wave then presents you with your results, divided into five different “levels of affection.”

It sounds like a fun little app, but be careful who you use it with: if you’re like me, love may be staring your straight in the face.

Intrigued by the app’s name, I approached the booth girl—I never did get her name, but it doesn’t matter because we’re lobe-lovers now—and asked for a demonstration.

She helped me put on the headset, which includes a sensor that rests on your forehead and one that attaches to your earlobe.

After securing the headset, she told me we had to wait a few seconds to make sure my brainwaves were being properly transmitted to the iPad.

According to NeuroSky’s website, the headset, called the MindWave Mobile, transfers brainwaves to iOS and Android platforms via Bluetooth. When I asked her if failing the the brainwave transfer test meant there was something wrong with my head, she laughed nervously and said, “we’ll see.”

I passed the test, thankfully, and she told me that now we would have to stare at each other for 15 seconds, during which time my true feelings for her would manifest in my brainwaves and be sent to the app for analysis; aka, the Brain Kiss.

I tried telling her that I’m not sure I feel comfortable with that, that I’m a married man.

“Don’t worry,” she reassured me, “it’s not cheating if we keep it in our minds.”

I asked her if she was going to put on a headset as well—after all, if it’s not consensual, it’s mindrape—but she explained that they’re not allowed to show attendees what they really think of them. That’s probably a good call…

So booth girl and I locked eyes, and while I was confident that those 15 seconds meant nothing to me, several moments later, Brain Kiss presented me with my diagnosis: daisuki (love), the highest level of affection.

Booth girl smiled and said she was flattered, but all I could think of how I was going to explain my mental infidelity to the misses. Or maybe there’s nothing to explain. After all, it’s all in my head, right?

For more information on Brain Kiss, check their official site here or buy the headset online (9,500 yen, or about US $120) here.

Photos: Tabroid, Khoa Dinh