“If someone did this to me I’d beat them to death!” says one Twitter user.

There are many cute ways to tell your significant other how much you love them; buying them gifts, coming home with their favorite fast food, or even just sending them texts during the day are just a few ways to show how you feel without even saying “I love you”. But if your S.O. is a regular smart phone user, we really can’t recommend you do what one Twitter user’s boyfriend did, and rearrange all of their home screen apps in order to leave them a unique love letter.

The original user, Mina (@mina_11_30), seems to have a posted a screenshot of her home screen, in which each of her apps have been reorganized and grouped into folders, which he named with individual words or phrases that, when put together, make the follow message:

“Sorry I’m always being such a pain. We fight every day but I could never leave you, and you’re always on my mind. Thanks for always writing about me on Line and Twitter. It makes me happy to see it. And although I waited to the end of the message to say it, I really love you. Caution: Let’s keep our selfishness in moderation. From Michihiro.”

The message is pretty sweet; perhaps it’s an apology for a fight they had earlier, or just a spur-of-the-moment expression of love. That’s why it’s not surprising that Mina’s response is, “Omgomgomg! (blushing emojis) He did this while I was in the bath! (blushing emojis) I’m so happy! (many hearts) No one has a boyfriend that’s better than mine! (laugh emoji) I’ll try to be only moderately selfish! (laugh emoji) (apology bow emoji) Thank you! (blushing emoji, arrow through heart emoji)”

Clearly, given the sheer number of emojis used, Mina was pretty happy with his love letter and not at all concerned with how he wrote it, a fact which Japanese Twitter found alarming. The Internet as a whole balked at the very notion of having someone go in and completely change their home screen, for however sweet a reason. @makes_me_madman, who shared the screenshot of Mina’s tweet, writes, “Huh? Wait…omg. No way!! Omg, no!! If someone did this to me I’d beat them to death!” Other Twitter users were similarly horrified:

“Honestly this is a major inconvenience.”
“This is harassment lol”
“No way hahaha”
“If they made folders like that I’d actually be pretty pissed because I’d have to put it all back.”
“No! Just say it out loud lol”
“Doesn’t this mean that while she was in the bath he was messing with her phone? Is she okay with that? lol”
“I recommend she break up with him as soon as possible!”

▼ How most Twitter users said they would respond…

However, Mina was obviously overjoyed by the gesture of love, so she clearly didn’t mind how the message was conveyed–if she really exists. A search for that username pulls up someone who seems completely different and no post like that shows up on their feed, so it may be a hoax. But either way, the message is clear: if you love your s.o., show them in some other way, because you might see a swift and definite end to your relationship if you do this.

Source: Twitter/@makes_me_madman via Hachima Kiko
Top image: Pakutaso
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