Tokyo Game Show: home to videogames, freebies, pretty girls and people who love all of the above.

Of all the titles I saw during my visit today, smart-phone game company mobile_one’s Kaikan Ashitsubo Massage (lit. Pleasurable leg massage) definitely wins my award for “Most Borderline Creepy”. 

The premise of the game is quite simple; using a touch-screen tablet or smart-phone, in this case a Sony Xperia, players must touch then make circular motions, or “massage”, the highlighted areas on a young lady’s tired legs in order to make her feel better.

The challenge comes from a strict time limit and minimum score to be reached per round, but success is rewarded with both soft, satisfied groans of pleasure from the lady whose legs the player massages, and continually changing on-screen images, with each successive level revealing a slightly more risqué shot.

Not quite able to bring myself to play the game, I asked a Sony Xperia booth babe “companion” to do the work for me while I snapped a few shots for your good selves. I’m still not entirely why this game exists, but still…

If leg massaging on-the-go and up-skirt-esque photos are your thing, you can pick up the game on Android smart phones for around ¥100.