Whoops, guess I better whip out my smartphone and upload a picture of my Green Tea Frappuccino to Twitter, because I just happen to be writing this post at Starbucks. Apparently, the classic “at Starbucks now” picture is one of the most commonly seen types of photos on social media sites, and I’d hate to be missing out.

In fact, a concise at-a-glance chart of trivial photos that (Japanese) girls frequently upload to their SNS accounts has recently been making the rounds on the Japanese internet. We were familiar with every single one of them–how about you?

Here’s the cute chart, created by Twitter user Suremi, with translated captions, though you can probably recognize each scene just by looking at the picture!

“Pictures that girls often upload to Twitter”

1. A selfie taken in the light

2. Lunch with so-and-so

3. A group shot covering only yourself with a heart

4. At Starbucks now

5. Shots of only eyes or mouth (“I changed my eye makeup; red lips♥”)

6. Today’s clothes-coordinating skills

7. Today’s view of feet

8. We’re at Disney Land in our uniforms now!

Japanese netizens were quick to laugh upon seeing the illustration. Here’s what a few of them had to say:

“I’m so sick of seeing these same photos over and over again. Really, NO ONE CARES.

“Numbers 3 and 5 really irritate me!”

“Make it over. There’s nothing on there about cute animals or pets.”

“I’ve heard girls say, ‘girls who upload those kinds of photos are ridiculous,’ but then they go and do it themselves. Do they not realize the hypocrisy?”

>>(In response to the above) “Girls always think that they themselves are special.”

“The artist should add ‘Things I bought today’ as No. 9.”

Can our readers think of anything else that should be added to the graphic? From our end, we were going to suggest seductive pictures of Mr. Sato, but we guess that only applies to our own female staff members…

▼Oops, our bad.


Source: Livedoor Blog Chihhylove
Images: Livedoor Blog Chihhylove, WordPress, RocketNews24