It’s a typical drinking challenge that many guys have gotten into at one point or another.  The first person to “break the seal,” or use the bathroom first, is the sucker who picks up the check.

Good times are had watching guys squirm it out and race to the urinal before wetting themselves, and all the funnier if they don’t make it in time.

However, for one group of friends in China, their friendly wager turned tragic leading to the near death of one man.

Xinhua reported that the friends, who hadn’t met each other in a long time, decided to reunite by tying one on at a bar.  As the orders were made the gauntlet had been thrown down.

It’s unclear what the stakes were in this particular pee holding challenge but it must have been huge as one man began to experience severe abdominal pain as a result of his refusal to relive himself.  Still, he pushed on.

However, when it got to the point that the man’s pain was so severe that he couldn’t straighten his body, his friends rushed him to the nearest hospital.

According to the hospital, as a result of holding his pee, the man’s bladder ruptured causing urine to leak into his abdominal cavity.  Such an injury could be life threatening if untreated.

The man underwent surgery to repair his torn bladder and clear his insides of pee.  He is expected to survive.

So I implore men around the world to stop this dangerous custom of pee holding and embrace other stupid challenges like swallowing a spoonful of cinnamon.

Source: Kopipe Intelligence Agency
Top image: Pakutaso