Remember those Hatsune Miku steamed buns? Those were pretty cute, even if they didn’t hold up in the heat too well. But most of the time, the virtual idol’s turquoise/grey color palette doesn’t make for the most appetizing themed dishes. Yakisoba is no exception.

These packs of radiant green noodles were recently seen being sold on the streets of Akihabara during “Moe1 Grand Prix,” a two-day event held this weekend to promote regional tourism and products through moe characters.

The noodles are “negi shio,” or green onion and salt flavor, and are thought to be made with real bits of Hatsune Miku…er, food coloring. Only thirty packs were sold per day and, despite being sold at a heavily marked-up 700 yen ($9 US), they were said to have sold out both days of the event. This could have been because they were being hawked by a Japanese girl cosplaying as Miku, and only the most steadfast otaku can say no to a pretty girl in cosplay. The noodles themselves, however, were reported to be so not moe.

So let’s hear it Vocaloid fans; would you pay $9 for a pack of Mikusoba?

Source: Jinsoku