Our reporter Meg ventures waist-deep in carbs to discover a new way to enjoy Subway — and she may never turn back.

Even in Japan, the global sub chain Subway markets itself as a more health-conscious alternative to fast food. So, it was with a small pang of guilt that Meg constructed Kyukyoku no Yakisoba Pan (Ultimate Yakisoba Bread) using the delectably greasy fried noodles of yakisoba.

Yakisoba in sandwich form isn’t anything new, and can easily be found in most convenience stores and supermarkets. Known more as a cheap and tasty snack, it is hardly considered healthy eating.

Nevertheless, a while back, there was an April Fools joke going around that Subway was going to sell yakisoba sandwiches. The store denied the report, however, implying that it would never stoop so low health-wise.

Meg, however, certainly would.

Construction of the Ultimate Yakisoba Bread was simple enough. Meg first purchased a 6-inch Veggie Delight sub from Subway without dressing. Then she bought a pack of pre-made yakisoba and proceeded to stuff the noodles into the opened Veggie Delight.

If looks alone were anything to go by this was shaping up to be an excellent sandwich, but, of course, Meg would have to go in for a taste.

And it tasted even better than she expected! As we said before, yakisoba sandwiches are not new, but the Ultimate Yakisoba Bread clearly stood out as a superior sandwich.

Usually when eating yakisoba with bread, it creates a dry sensation inside your mouth. And the occasional scrap of soggy cabbage does little to relieve this feeling. The Ultimate Yakisoba Bread, however, uses the very fresh and plentiful vegetables from Subway to completely eliminate that unpleasant dry feeling for a highly enjoyable eating experience.

Meg would like to remind everyone that this isn’t an officially sanctioned Subway sandwich…but it should be added to their menu because it’s pretty awesome. Even if it does go against their healthy eating image, the taste is so good she thinks the general public would be willing to look the other way this one time.

Original article by Meg Sawaii
Photos: RocketNews24
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