Our correspondent Kuzo has been extra busy recently eating single noodle udon, disgusting ramen, and encountering thousands eerie of dolls. However, when he returned home, he was welcomed by a large envelope with the return address: Kawaii (Cute) Ward, Fukuoka.

Could it be? Earlier he had applied for special resident status of the Japanese administrative district of all that is cute.  Now it looks like he has his answer.

Kawaii Ward is a fictional district of Fukuoka city created in a promotional campaign to highlight its unique position as producer of “the cutest women of Japan.” According to the city, Fukuoka has more people working in the beauty industry and higher annual household spending on beauty goods or services than other regions in the county. It’s status as an Asian hub city with a combination of hearty food and cosmopolitan atmosphere doesn’t hurt either.

However, Kuzo had no idea what it meant to be a “special resident.” He thought about what kind of cute information and pictures were waiting inside. As he anxiously opened the envelope, kittens and teddy bears floated through his mind.

Inside he found documents inside a clear plastic sleeve. On the sleeve a picture of Kawaii Ward Mayor and Fukuoka native, AKB48’s Mariko Shinoda, was printed. Among the documents was his Certificate of Special Residency, order confirmation, and Mayor Shinoda’s card, all emblazoned with the official symbol of Kawaii Ward – a pink ribbon.

Listed on the certificate was his Resident Name (nickname), Resident ID Number, Date of Joining, and Address. The bottom is stamped with the official seal of the Kawaii Ward Mayor’s Office.

On the card he could read the “Operational Policies” of Kawaii Ward.

1)    To build Kawaii Ward and all residents
2)    To promote the fashion industry
3)    To spread cuteness at home and abroad

Setting down his documents, Kuzo felt better – cuter. In fact he began to feel like a puppy wagging its tail beside a plate of pink cupcakes.  Yes sir, things were going to be different from now on!

Then the phone rang.  It was RocketNews24 again.  They wanted him to go to Angola and eat some fermented spiders.

Original Story and Photos by Kuzo

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