What could be better than seeing a cute girl dressing as a member of AKB48 and dancing around in a uniform? A cute girl dressing as an AKB48 member firing military-grade weapons, apparently.

The following video and images come from Hyper Douraku, a Japanese gun enthusiast website that has teamed up with otaku favourite and “image” DVD (footage of girls in skimpy outfits in various poses) star Mii Aihara.

Dressed in a variety of hugely impractical outfits from AKB48 to Resident Evil‘s Jill Valentine, Mii heads down to the firing range to squeeze off a few rounds as part of the website’s “Guam Shooting Tour 2012.”

Why? We have no idea. But we still found ourselves watching bizarre video after bizarre video on the site.

That Mii girl clearly knows a thing or two about guns! As well as loading her own ammo before trying out the rifle, she manages to fire round after round without blinking an eye. To look at her you’d think butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, but she’s clearly trained any ready to take on the world at a moment’s notice.

Quite what the other visitors to the firing range thought when they spotted this girl in her elaborate outfits is anyone’s guess, but we’re fairly sure that few gun fans are used to sights quite like this…

 Battle Royale, anyone?

Time to shoot some zombies…


Bringing style to the battlefield…

“Even when she doesn’t have pockets, Mii can carry a weapon.” Oh dear.

But the website isn’t just about skimpy outfits, no, no! There are some genuine gun-related tips to be found here, too!

Perhaps concerned for Mii’s safety in the evening, the team provided the model with a handgun to go with her nightdress. Quite why she’d need to kill silently, we have no idea, but this led the team to wonder “Could a pillow be used as a makeshift silencer?”

A few trigger pulls later, a nightgown-wearing Mii confirmed that yes, yes it could!

Finally, Mii took the time to leave a few words for her fans, thanking them for visiting the site and taking the virtual tour of Guam with her.

“I had a great time,” she says. “If any of you ever find yourselves in Guam, you should definitely include a trip to fire off a few live rounds in your schedule!”

A perfectly normal, everyday sentence if we ever read one…

Source: Hyper Douraku