Most humanoid robots are made to look either as lifelike as possible, or as machine-like as possible; that is, similar to the robots we know from science fiction.

After seeing the “Dancing Dolls” made by YouTube user RozenZebet, we have a feeling we know why: anything in between would be absolutely terrifying.

RozenZebet is the proud parent of Alice and Kaguya, two 60 cm (24 in) tall SD13 model Super Dollfie ball-jointed dolls that have been rigged with 25 servo motors and a special Vstone VS-RC003HV robot CPU.

Both dolls are controlled remotely with a wireless game console controller and, as RozenZebet demonstrates in his videos, can be programmed to perform a variety of surprisingly fluid movements.

▼ From dance numbers…

▼ To violin recitals

Alice and Kaguya are also equipped with a MP3 playback circuit board that can play music directly via microSD. That means the music you hear in the videos isn’t edited in, it’s actually playing in real-time as the dolls dance.

For the latest video, RozenZebet dressed Alice up as Hatsune Miku:

We think we liked Miku more when she was a virtual idol…

For more videos, check RozenZebet’s YouTube channel here or his homepage here.

Source: YouTube, Dancing Doll RZ