coffee shop

This themed Starbucks in Seoul is hidden away in possibly the coolest location ever

Getting there was like traveling through several dimensions–but it was so worth it!

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We visit the oldest remaining Komeda Coffee cafe in Japan for a retro blast from the past

And it did not disappoint!

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What’s the difference between “The World’s Most Delicious” and “Tastiest” Coffee Jellies?

A coffee shop’s confusing menu items both baffle and delight us.

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Hello Kitty collab with coffee shop Doutor offering tasty, kawaii treats, limited-edition goods


Drinks and food and goods galore!

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How does the GAP store taste? We send Mr. Sato to the world’s first GAP cafe to find out

Spoiler: it doesn’t taste like denim.

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Cafe in Tokyo serves custom 2-D and 3-D latte art, and their coffee is nothing to sniff at either

This place is definitely for coffee lovers.

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Clash of the Coffees! What was our number 1 Starbucks Frappucino for 2018?

2018 brought us a whole host of delicious iced drinks, but what was the firm Frappucino favorite in our office?

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Starbucks Order Customization- Is There a Limit?

Starbucks prides itself on letting customers customize their drinks and offers a lot of choices: no foam, no whip/with whip, double blended, two pump vanilla, extra shot and extra hot to name but a few. Never one to shy from a challenge, we decided to test just how far Starbucks was willing go in ensuring that visitors to its coffeehouses get just what they want.

Our request? A no caramel, no whip, and–are you ready for it–no coffee Caramel Frappuccino.

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Get Ready to Say “Gundam! This is Some Good Food”, Gundam Café Gearing Up to Enter Every Major City Across Japan

The countdown is still ticking for Gundam Café’s third strike on Tokyo Station this 20 December.  However, the execs at Bandai Namco Holdings have already leaked plans to target all major urban markets across Japan with their unique blend of coffee, pasta, and bipedal war machines.

So if you live in a major city such as Osaka, Nagoya, or Hiroshima, you might get your hands on a Haro latte sooner than you think.

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Look Out Starbuck’s Gundam Café Has You in Its Sights, Opens 3rd Store in Tokyo Station

When the first Gundam Café opened in Akihabara, people thought it was a cute little niche place for the resident otaku, but there’s no way a giant robot themed coffee shop would ever take off.

However, their blend of mechanically efficient service and sterile décor had led to a second Gundam Café to the south in Odaiba.  Still, people wrote it off as a fluke.

Now, less than a year later on 20 December, the a 3rd Gundam Café is set to make a precision strike right in the heart of Tokyo: Tokyo Station.  The coffee service industry may never be the same.

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