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Dragon Quest fan? Hungry? Have a few spare minutes? You’re in luck, my friend!

Thanks to the culinary creatives over at Japanese website Bistro Animeshi, we’re about to bring you the first of what we hope will be many recipes for character and anime-themed food! That’s right, over the past few years we’ve tendered to your loins, tickled your funny-bones and now we’re aiming to tantalize your tonsils.

If it’s in the Ghibli movies, we’ll help you recreate it! If you once saw One Piece‘s Luffy shove it down his neck, we’re on it. From the tasty to the downright weird, we’re here to help you cook up your anime dreams.

Welcome… to Rocket Food!

Slurp! Looks good, right? Care to make a few yourselves? Well, following Bistro Animeshi’s simple recipe, lovingly translated by the RocketNews24 team, now you can!

Since these recipes come from – of course – Japan, there may be one or two ingredients that you’ll have to substitute in or track down at an import store, but feel free to drop us a line in the comments section below if you ever need any clarification.

But enough talk; there are slimes to be made! Grab an apron, take a big gulp of elfin elixir and let’s get cracking.


Ingredients / utensils:

– Blue food dye or dark blue liqueur for grown-ups

– 1x Garigari Kun or similar blue soda (not creamed corn soup!!!) flavoured popsicle, thawed

– orange juice

– 3x icing pens (white, red, brown / black)

– 1x packet gelatin mix

– a couple of small, clear plastic sandwich bags

– some sticky tape (you’ll see why later)

– 1x mixing bowl, 1x weighted ceramic bowl or saucepan, whisk, 3x hair from a unicorn’s chin (can be imaginary)

Method:garigari in

1. Add a sachet of gelatine to the bowl and pour in the specified amount of boiling water. Whisk throughly. Once the powder has completely dissolved, grab your melted Garigari Kun popsicle and pour the liquid it into the bowl with the water and gelatine.

Whisk it all up to ensure that the liquid and gelatine have completely blended. Smelling sweet? That’s a good sign.

Next, add your blue liqueur. The strength of the colour is entirely up to you, but we like ours good and videogame dark blue!

decant into bag and stick to bowl

2. This part’s a little tricky. Pour your worryingly blue liquid from the mixing bowl into a plastic bag. Tie the end shut and twist the neck of the bag a few times. Now, carefully put the neck of the bag on the edge of your second (not too light!) bowl and use some sticky tape to hold the bag in place.

liquid side view

The liquid should be gathered in one corner of the bag and look something like this when viewed from the side. Stand on your head and you should start to see, yup, a blue slime!

With your little blue chap firmly held in place, put the bowl in the fridge to set the liquid.

yellow slime

3. While he’s chilling the fridge, it’s time to make your yellow slime. Don’t worry; this is a breeze.

Instead of using a blue popsicle and food dye or blue liqueur, you can mix regular old orange juice with your gelatine powder. Of course, if you’re fond of orange or pineapple flavoured frozen desserts, you could substitute any of those in providing they melt down without leaving any unpleasant chunks.

Following the same method as above, pour your yellow slime liquid into the second bag and affix it to the other side of the bowl with tape, ensuring that the liquid goes into the corner with a nice point in the centre making the slime’s head. Get ’em in the fridge and let them have some face time while you read a few articles online. May we be so humble as to recommend this rather amusing video?

snip snip, slurp

4. With the slimes thoroughly set, cut them out of their plastic bags and rest them flat-side down on a plate. Look at them there, wobbling and jiggling around. Let’s put a little life into them!

Grab your cake decorating equipment or icing pens and prepare to draw your slime’s faces. You’ll need a steady hand, but believe in yourself and you’ll make it through!

slime eyes

Start with white circles to make the outline of the eyes. If you need reminding of the size and position, just take a look at the image below. Once you have the eyes looking nice and even, give the icing time to set a little before adding the pupils.

slime face

Add the black or brown pupils to the centre of the eyes before slowly adding a nice, big pink mouth. Don’t worry if the mouth is crooked; have you ever seen a slime that didn’t smirk at you like it was about you invite you in for coffee in the middle of the night?

Leave the icing to set and you’re all done!

▼Perfect Dragon Quest slimes for kids and big kids alike!

slime title

Happy cooking, boys and girls!

Feel free to let us know if you have any anime or game recipes in particular that you’d like to see featured here on Rocket Food and we’ll do our best to help you out.

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Source: ビストロアニメシ