Proving once again that Gloria Estefan was right and that the rhythm is gonna get you, Japanese DJ Kazuhiro Abo’s fantastic video shows a 10-minute session he did during visit to a kindergarten as part of a workshop appropriately titled “Kids and Music”. Although it takes the little ones a while to get moving at first, once they’re all up on their feet they’re bouncing and spinning around as only kids can do.

The full cute, chaotic video after the jump.

Originally taken some five years ago, this video was uploaded by the DJ himself who thought that it might not garner much interest online. How wrong he was- this is one of the cutest and coolest things we’ve seen all week. And we’ve seen baby fennecs.

The DJ warms the young crowd up with a bit of classic “I can’t hear you…” to get them screaming “Good morning!” at the top of their lungs. Then he starts spinning, and a few seconds in and he’s already hooked one! Seconds later, some kids have started randomly screaming, and four of them are up.

Sensei steps in to encourage some of the shier kids, and before you know it, every kid is on their feet and bouncing around the room like a maniac.

Source: YouTube video via Uploadmag