panasonic in the room

Hot on the heels of Dyson with its bladeless electric fan technology, Japan’s Panasonic has unveiled its new low power “Slim Fan” for year-round use. And for a device designed primarily to shift air around the room, it’s pretty sexy.

Standing at just under a metre tall, this slim, unobtrusive model gently wafts cool air around the room as well as generating electrostatic water particles to prevent the air from drying out during more arid months. With its base measuring  just 180 mm wide, the unit can be placed virtually anywhere in the room, unlike traditional rotating fans that are prone to knocking into surrounding objects if not given sufficient space.

panasonic fan

The Slim FanF-S1XJ is due to go on sale in Japan on May 20 this year, costing around 35,000 yen (US$365). Suffice it to say, we want one!

Source: IT Media (Japanese)

Images via Kaden Watch