neko atsume freshener 04

Have you played the cat-collecting smartphone game Neko Atsume yet? If you’re a fan of adorable kitties and haven’t already tried it, then download it immediately. No seriously, go now. Don’t worry, we’ll still be here when you’re done.

Back? All right, now that you’re in love with the game, you obviously want to surround yourself with all things Neko Atsume. And what better way to start with some refreshing Neko Atsume aromas?

Neko Atsume air fresheners are now available in four relaxing scents, and each one comes with an adorable little kitty friend to gaze at you in wonder. 

Online Japanese retailer Rakuten has put out cute pet items before, with Attack on Titan cosplay outfits for dogs and paw-print cooking stamps. But now they’ve upped their game with Neko Atsume air fresheners, so that you’ll never have to be surrounded by boring, everyday smells again.

But enough chit-cat, let’s see what these things look like:

▼ D’aww they’re soo cuute! Ahem. The air fresheners come in four different fragrances: gentle jasmine, cozy berry, relaxing floral, and refreshing shampoo.

neko atsume freshener 01

▼ And these are no ordinary air fresheners. You can peel off the bottom and stick it to any flat, clean surface.


▼ That means  you can even put one on the dashboard of your car!

neko atsume freshener 02

▼ Or you can put one on your work desk. Replace your smelly coworkers with delicious kitty aromas around you all day instead!

neko atsume freshener 03

▼ All of the Neko Atsume air fresheners can of course rotate 360-degrees, so you can get your favorite view of your cat anytime you want.


Now you’re probably anxious to know where you can immediately purchase your very own Neko Atsume air fresheners. Well, there’s some good news and bad news. First, the good news: all of the air fresheners are sold as a set for 3,520 yen (US$29.50), so you don’t have to pick which one to order. Hooray!

Now the bad news: Rakuten is only taking pre-orders right now since the item doesn’t ship out until November 6, and they only ship within Japan. But don’t worry! Chances are due to the international popularity of Neko Atsume, these goodies will be available all around the world soon enough.

Until then, if your cat-smell craving needs to be satiated somehow, why not try out some cat-paw cream? There’s no better way to be the cat’s pajamas among your friends than by smelling like adorable cat feet.

Source/images: Rakuten