Fake Knee-High Stockings Enrage Men of the Internet

A storm of boos has flooded Japanese forums in response to the invention of fake knee-high stockings. This piece of clothing makes a woman appear to be wearing long socks when she is actually wearing fully sealed tights. As a product, fake knee-high stockings greatly help women to comfortably achieve a cute look. But for some men, the lost opportunity to catch a glimpse of an exposed leg that is brought on by these full-coverage stockings is too much to handle.

Fake knee-high stockings are a combination of black and tan nylon that is completely attached together to form tights. For women who enjoy wearing long socks, the application of special glues to keep the socks in place can be bothersome, making this product a great help to fashion conscious women. In addition, wearing fake knee-high stockings is hailed by women as an effective way to show off the shape of one’s legs while showing less skin (compared to wearing traditional flesh-colored tights which give the illusion of exposing the entire leg). However, judging from the flood of irate comments about this product, many men think it’s better for women to be showing off more than just a few inches above the knee. See if you can guess which gender made the following Twitter comments:

These are awesome! I want a pair!

The world’s worst…

The f*ck, man! How could they make a product like this! I’m gonna sue!

I don’t get the point of these…

How smart, I want some.

We want exposed legs back!

This is awful. Showing a little leg is beautiful.

The creator of this product should cut open his stomach, bleed out and die!!!

Whoa, there! That last comment is a little extreme, but the anger that these fake knee-high stockings have stimulated is definitely clear. On the other hand, women don’t seem to see what the big deal is and many are interested in purchasing a pair.

What do you think? Are fake knee-high stockings really all that bad? Do any of you actually think that the creator of this product should have his stomach “cut open, bleed out and die!!!”?

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Source: Byoukan Sunday

Image: Rakuten