But we left that pizza chained to the bottom of Crystal Lake last year… How could it?!

Ah yes, October – that wonderful time of the year when the thoughts of young boys and girls turn to the occult and mayhem. It’s also the season in which Aoki’s Pizza holds their Halloween Carnival from 5-31 October. It’s a truly frightening festival of madness in that there isn’t even a carnival at all… It’s all in your mind, man.

In other words, the Halloween Carnival is just the name for the time when Aoki’s Pizza sells its Bloody Zombino pizza.

▼ Last year’s Bloody Zombino

This year sees the release of Resurrection! The Bloody Zombino 2. It is a medium pizza topped with torn apart carcass garnished in spices used during ancient dark Aztec ceremonies, the flesh of a subterraneous organism with a dozen eyes, and charred, gnarled fingers reaching out through a garden of bleeding eyeballs.

This, of course, is just industry-speak for spicy taco meat, potato, sausage, and bleeding eyeballs.

Seeing as this is the second Halloween Carnival, Aoki’s Pizza has stepped up their horror pizza technique and is now boasting a 200 percent increase in overall eeriness. It would certainly take a lot of guts to devour this pizza, or just one big gut.

▼ A confused Pizza Hut tried to compete with Aoki’s Pizza, making their own “Bloody Zamboni.”

Their eyeballs alone look substantially better that last year’s, suggesting they aren’t scrimping with black market organs anymore. This is a fact that Aoki’s Pizza knows all too well and to highlight it they are also releasing Bloody Eyeball Jelly as a side dish for 300 yen (US$2.66).

This brings us to the most truly bone-chilling part about Resurrection! The Bloody Zombino 2: This single medium pizza costs a terrifying 2,600 yen ($23)…

That is, of course, if you’re in the Tokai region of Japan where Aoki’s Pizzas operate. Otherwise, you’ll be looking at travel and accommodation on top of that. It truly is unsettling, but what price can you put on a unique experience like a horror pie from the same eccentric pizzeria that brought us the daring Black Thunder Chocolate Bar Pinapple Pizza a while back?

Source: Value Press, Walker Plus
Featured image: Value Press (Edited by SoraNews24)
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