The two boys seen above are Aldrich Lloyd Taloding and James Walter Bucong from the Philippines.  Their video having been uploaded to YouTube about a week ago is already nearing one million views and comments such as “Freaking beautiful!” and “I got goosebumps.”

The two boys are cousins, with Aldrich doing the singing and James on guitar. Aldrich has an amazing voice that’s smooth, powerful, delicate and technical all at once, while James’ arrangement on acoustic guitar blends perfectly with the overall tone of his cousin’s singing.

They are performing a cover of the 2004 Grammy Song of the Year, Dance with my Father Again by Luther Vandross. It’s hard to compare the two versions since they’re done very differently, but if I had to choose, I’d go with the Aldrich and James one.

Aldrich and James continue to show the world what Arnel Pineda started to five years ago; the Philippines are a largely untapped resource of musical talent. Rest assured, boys, you’ve blown our minds.

Original Article by Tashiro Daiichiro
Video: YouTube – Sharla Talonding