In our continuing endeavor to visit McDonald’s restaurants around the world we sample the unique regional offerings the international chain creates to appease the locals and delight tourists.

This time RocketNews24 sent a reporter to a McDonald’s in the Philippines to sample one of their localized combos centered by a heap of McSpaghetti. The following is their report.

Filipino McDonald’s has Spaghetti!

Upon entering the McDonald’s I could see written on the expansive menu board, “Spaghetti Chicken Rice.” I knew right there and then what to order.

McDonald’s McSpaghetti Combo

I ordered the 1pc. Chicken McDo With McSpaghetti for 115 Pesos (US$2.80). It consisted of a fried chicken drumstick, cup of sauce, some spaghetti with meat sauce, and a drink.

Taste Test

If I had to explain McSpaghetti in four words, they would be sweet, sweet, sweet, and sweet. A sweet taste is fine but this meat sauce could have benefited from a more salty seasoning.

The noodles’ texture was the best point, though; they were perfectly soft. The chicken was also great; a good medium-sized drumstick with a crispy texture. The accompanying sauce for the chicken was a kind of like BBQ sauce but this, too, could have been a little saltier.

Why The Philippines Loves McDonald’s

This dish is McDonald’s catering to Filipino tastes. Here, rather than vegetables meat is preferred served with sweet seasoning, rice is more liked than bread overall and cola is widely drunk. Mickey D’s has done their homework.

So if you’re taste is in line with the Philippines don’t forget to swing by if you’re in the country. As for myself, I’m going to go take a swig of soy sauce.

Original Story by Sekai no Shogo
Photos: RocketNews24

Shop information
McDonald’s Forbes Town
Cor.26th & 3th st., Forbeswood Heights Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, The Philippines

▼ Here’s the McDonald’s I went to… Hey, nice Porsche!


The spaghetti and chicken combo is topped with several slices of sausage and shredded cheese. Combined with a cola and fried chicken it’s pretty filling.


The amount of rice served would be perfect for women. In the Philippines, rice is usually served as a side dish. Here it is served with some more fried chicken. This combo is 143 Pesos (US$3.50).


By chance, there was a birthday party being held on the second floor. All over the world it’s where kids want to go for birthdays.



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