Meet Mari, the cute Shiba Inu who likes to play hard-to-get. If Mari looks familiar, it may be because she’s a bit of a movie star on the Internet. She’s appeared in dozens of short films with her owner, playing the roles of train passenger, religious sect founder and even tambourine player in her master’s two-piece band. She’s also spent time as a strict homework supervisor.  Now Mari seems to be showing her true colours, refusing her owner’s requests to pucker up for a smooch, with all the scorn and indignation of a displeased cat. This clip is one of their cutest and most hilarious pet-owner collaborations to date! Check out their video after the jump.


“Mari, you’re so cute, aren’t you? Kiss me!”
“Mari, you’re such a charmer! Yes, you are! Come on, Mari, give us a kiss!”
“Mari, you’re such a splendid sight! Let me kiss your splendidness! Kisses!”                         (To friends) “…you can go on ahead!” (’cause I’m gonna be a while coaxing out a smooch from this one)
“Mari, how’s about a kiss?”
“Mari, kisses?”

Source, featured image: YouTube/inosemarine
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