These Shiba Inu pups come with adorable features to assist and protect their new owners.

Japanese online retailer Felissimo has made a name for itself as one of the country’s most prolific producers of cute cat goods and homewares, but recently they’ve been branching out to include other adorable animals as well. We’ve seen accessories adorned with rabbits, smiling seals, and deep sea creatures, and now it’s time for one of the world’s most beloved dogs to have its day, with a cute range of fluffy toys and pouches that everyone will want to own!


The five-piece collection celebrates the cute and playful nature of the Shiba Inu with items like an adorable travel pass pouch, featuring the squishy face of a pup who refuses to be taken away from its owner by thieving pickpockets.


The pouch is perfect for holding essentials like keys and small change, while everyone around you won’t be able to stop smiling as you swipe through ticket gates at the train station with your sweet pup!


Another adorable item in the range is the “Faithful Dog Holder”, which is designed to hang from hooks and door handles around the home.


Complete with a little bell under its chin, this cute pup will patiently hold things like slippers in its mouth for its beloved owner.


Also in the collection is a cute window seal. With this realistic, life-sized shiba inu guarding the house 24 hours a day, trespassers are bound to keep away from the premises.


The sticker also comes with a special clear window seal designed to strengthen glass and prevent break-ins.


For protection outside the house, there’s the “Faithful Dog Buzzer” which clips to bag handles like a keychain.


Hidden inside the little dog is a safety alarm, which makes a loud sound when pressed, alerting people in the vicinity if you find yourself in danger.


The final item in the collection is a cute little dog butt, which acts as a plush decoration in your room or around the home.


Hidden inside this pup’s hindquarters are a couple of cleverly disguised pockets for storing private documents and valuables.


Each item in the range is priced at 1,944 yen (US$19.30), with the first order offered at a discounted price of 1,080 yen. Customers who register for the collection will receive a new item once a month for five months, with deliveries scheduled to begin in November. To purchase the products in Japan, check out the Felissimo website here, or if you’re interested in purchasing from abroad, keep an eye out for the new range on their international website.

Source Images: PR Times, Felissimo