Ever wanted Sailor Moon‘s Crystal Star transformation brooch for yourself, but figured you were too old for kids’ toys? Well now you have the perfect cover, with the new makeup line from Bandai!

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Naoko Takeuchi’s word famous manga/anime creation Pretty Solider Sailor Moon, Bandai will be expanding their cosmetics line CreerBeaute with new Sailor Moon Products.

The first item be announced is this original Miracle Romance Shining Moon Powder. Being a makeup product, it is of course aimed at adult women, and so you should have no shame in pulling this out of your purse in front of co-workers for a quick touch-up. This summer’s going to be all about sparkle!

The shimmering beauty powder comes in a compact designed to replicate heroine Usagi’s famous Crystal Star brooch, which she uses to transform into the evil-fighting, mini-skirted Sailor Moon. As you can see from the images below it is highly detailed, and even the packaging is crafted from high quality shiny, pearly card.

Moon Crystal Power, Make-up!!


▼ Even the powder itself has been prettified.


▼ You can even wear it round your neck to accessorize any outfit!


▼ You too can sparkle like Sailor Moon~!


You can see the makeup range for yourself at the Bandai Booth at the International Tokyo Toy Show 2013 being held at Tokyo Big Site on June 15 and 16. But remember, this isn’t a toy, it’s a beauty product. Honestly!

Miracle Romance Shining Moon Powder will be on sale this October, and you can now reserve your order on the Bandai online shopping site Premium Bandai, for a mere 3,980 yen (US$40).

Source: Komikke Natalie