Since the average domestic cat’s experience of water is limited to being shut out in the rain or being pinned down and bathed by their owner because, after one too many garden adventures, their fur is a filthy, matted mess (and that was not a fun afternoon, let me assure you), it’s little wonder that there’s a commonly held belief that all cats hate H2O. As the following video proves, however, there are some cats out there that love nothing more than a nice, long dip in the hot water.

She may look like a mutant rodent from Mars when she’s momentarily removed from the bowl by her owner, but there’s no denying that this cat’s expression, and her happy purrs while she sits in the water, are incredibly cute. While many cats would be shaking their paws if they so much as stepped in a puddle, this little onsen lover is not at all happy when she’s removed from her bath, returning not once but twice to the hot water and settling in for another soak.

Here’s the video in full. Be sure to turn your speakers up to hear that unmistakable happy cat sound.

Source: IT Media (Japanese)
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