In the world of popular manga and anime series, Attack on Titan, making it into the Recon Corps is difficult. For some it means training from a very early age. So one mother, hoping to enlist her 5-month-old daughter, has started by fashioning an authentic-looking Recon Corps uniform from scratch.

She outlined the process in a video titled: [Attack on Titan] Mother tries sewing Recon Corps uniform for daughter which has drawn over 1,800 comments on NicoNico, 1,000 of which are “kaawaaiiiiii!”

The video begins with an introduction:

To you, in 20 years…

That day, the human race [mother] remembered…

The horror that was life under their control…

The humiliation of being imprisoned like birds in a cage [baby gates]…

To protect her child humanity had set up three walls

Wall Sina

Wall Sina

Wall Rose

Wall Rose

Wall Maria

Wall Maria

It’s been 5 months since the birth…

There is a chance…

Humanity’s [mother’s] counterattack starts here…

Mother will try to sew a Recon Corps uniform (coverall style) for her (5 month old) daughter.

The mom then goes on to say that this outfit is doable for amateurs, but no full instructions are available on how to make it. The video is in Japanese, but even without understanding the language, those who are able to sew can probably get the gist of how it’s done.


With the outfit finished, mom decides that if baby gets to be in the Recon Corps, then she will become a Colossal Titan. To do this, she stiches the image of Colossal Titan’s mouth onto a surgical mask (readily available in Japan).



Finally, if they were going to do recon work outside of the walls, they would need a bag to carry the gear. The bag is completely handmade and fully equipped with catch phrases, Miffy lining and enough pockets to hold all of this mother’s essential needs…like manga.



The opening lines of the video were more than just a reference to the manga. According to the video explanation in which she classifies herself as “Mom (Deviant-Type)”, the mother will keep this video a secret until her daughter “reaches the age of 20 and becomes a respected otaku.”


baby6“Mother Type Titan and 60 cm Class Lil’ Person”

The video was met largely with praise from viewers, one of whom classified herself as “Can-Do Mother (Married-Type)”.

Source: NicoNico via IT Media (Japanese)
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