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As its popularity continues to grow, Attack on Titan seems to be seeping into the real world more and more, whether with figurines (in both hyper-realistic and, well, potato versions) or replicas of the heroes’ 3-D maneuver gear. Soon, though, fans will have a chance to reverse the trend and experience the world of the hit anime first-hand at a series of Attack on Titan-themed escape games.

Japanese company Scrap has made a name for itself producing the events it’s dubbed “real escape games.” Combining the mental challenges of puzzle solving with the thrills of a walk-through haunted house, Scrap put on real escape games in Japan, the U.S., China, Taiwan, and Singapore. Scrap has developed a reputation for creating intensely immersive settings with some fiendishly difficult mysteries, sometimes with success rates below 10 percent.

For their latest effort, Scrap is developing an Attack on Titan game. Players take on the role of new recruits into the Scout Corps, the intrepid band of humans fighting to protect humanity from the man-eating Titans. On the players’ first day as full-fledged members of the Corps, though, the city is invaded by the colossal monsters.

Seeing as it would be impractical to outfit each player with the wire-launching 3-D maneuver gear and pair of swords used to combat the Titans in the anime, the goal instead is to flee to the inner sanctum of the walled city, solving puzzles to pass through the gates in the anti-Titan walls along the way. Players have a time limit of one hour to make their escape, after which any left outside the safe haven will presumably be eaten by the giant monsters (or politely guided to the exits by Scrap staff).

In keeping with the scale of Attack on Titan’s antagonists, the game, dubbed Escape from a Certain Walled City, will have the most venues for a Scrap production yet, with the event being held in six cities across Japan starting this spring. The current schedule is:

May 3,4: Yokohama, Yokohama Stadium
May (exact date to be announced): Osaka (exact location TBA)
May 25, June 1: Nagoya, Toyota Stadium
June 22: Sendai, Rakuten kobo Stadium Miyazaki
June 27, 28, 29: Fukuoka, Yahoo! Auction Dome
August (exact date TBA): Tokyo, Meiji Jingu Stadium

Advanced tickets can be purchased for 3,000 yen (US $28.85) and are highly recommended. Not only does it assure you’ll get to play, it also saves you 500 yen compared to getting your ticket at the door.

▼ On that day, mankind received a grim reminder: we lived in fear of paying full price.

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