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It looks like car manufacturer Subaru has their hands on some neat swag that was used on set for the upcoming Attack on Titan live-action film and, for some reason, they’re willing to just hand it off to one lucky Subaru test-driver.

You don’t need to own a Subaru or even like Subaru to be eligible to win an authentic Survey Corps uniform actually worn by a character in the film, plus an actual, “working” 3-Dimensional Maneuver Gear set – the piston-operated grappling hook setup that Survey Corps heroes sport in their fight against the series’ titular titans.

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Only one uniform and prop set is available in the new Subaru campaign – although we hope it’s not the only one to exist or we’d have some concerns about the film’s production values – but just dropping in for a test-drive is guaranteed to net series fans a cool Attack on Titan-themed toy Subaru Levorg car and 100 other lucky folks will additionally get a snazzy Attack on Titan T-shirt.

As you might remember thanks to our ace reporting, this isn’t the first time Subaru and Attack on Titan have teamed up. In January last year, the same director of the feature film went behind the camera to shoot an Attack on Titan Subaru ad, in which an uncannily skilled driver in a Subaru Forester narrowly avoids being crushed by Titan dong:

Fans hoping to bag the big prize need only to pop in to a participating Subaru dealership on May 23, 24, 30 or 31 and take one of a select roster of cars out for a spin. There are no other requirements for participation, although obviously the nature of the drawing precludes anyone without a driver’s license. And, alas, as with all of the coolest, geekiest goods, these prizes are only on offer through Subaru locations in Japanl.

More details for those who can read Japanese here.

Source: ITMedia
Images: Subaru