KFC Japan president Maseo “Charlie” Watanabe surprised and angered the front page of the Internet itself, Reddit, yesterday when he won Colonel Sanders’ iconic white suit at auction for US$21,510 and promptly tried it on for all to see.

Noted connoisseurs of fried chicken, Redditors went up in arms almost immediately, apparently believing that the wearing of the Sacred Suit by someone other than a mustachioed Southern gentleman represents an unforgivable sacrilege to the Kentucky Fried Church.

Watanabe, for his part, looks pleased as punch and we here at Rocketnews24ourselves passionate fried chicken devotees – are happy the suit seems to have landed in loving hands. Now all that’s left is for Watanabe to complete the look by procuring the Colonel’s signature white mustache and goatee, which we’re sure is being preserved in a jar in a McDonald’s research lab, where technicians are dusting it for cultures of KFC’s legendary secret spice recipe.

We’ve picked out some of the best Reddit comments – before the thread turned to an impassioned discussion of fried chicken recipes – and have posted them below for your reading delectation:

“Do the Japanese know what Kentucky is?”

“And so the curse continues.”

“Don’t wear a dead man’s pants. Shame on you.”

“Foghorn Leghorn is rolling over in his grave.”

“Jiro Dreams of Original Recipe.”

“Would that make him Shogun Sanders?”

“Somehow this bothers me more than when the Germans bought Chrysler.”

And my personal favorite:

“It belongs in a museum!”

Issues of ownership aside, we can’t help wondering whether the suit smells more like Werther’s Original or the Colonel’s secret blend of herbs and spices…

Source: Byoukan Sunday