Is the change a welcome eyeful? Or is this a case of too much too soon? You be the judge.

Christmastime means one important thing for young Japanese people all over the country: Kentucky Fried Chicken. With the company trying to make inroads to more of the surrounding holidays, more and more people are going to have lots of KFC-branded boxes and buckets around their household. One industrious Twitter user took a look at the standard Colonel Sanders face and saw an opportunity to change up the “face” of the company.

▼ When you’re asked to transform the Colonel to be more moe-looking by making him look more modern and cute.

Normally, the logo for Kentucky Fried Chicken depicts a kind, Southern man whose 11 herbs and spices are here to make your meal a delicious one. Turns out that picture also provides a vibrant canvas upon which anyone can try and give the Colonel a different look, for better or worse.

▼ An updated version, now with 75 percent more stylish hair!

▼ That face you make when you tried hard, but the results are a mixed bag…

You can definitely give Colonel Sanders a whole new range of emotions, even ones that betray his honorable rank. We guess it’s difficult to achieve the look you want when you are trying maintain the image of a simple man who just wants to sell his chicken. Still, sometimes you only can do so much with what you are given. Thankfully, you can always drown your artistic struggles in the Colonel’s famous finger lickin’ good chicken. Which of course means you have another logo you can alter, which can lead to more chicken, and more logos and so on and so on…

Source, featured image: Twitter/@ariga_megamix