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The newest addition to the KFC Japan lineup is a little number called “Kentucky Chicken Rice;” a sandwich so good, it doesn’t even need a bun. This sandwich, consisting of a big hunk of ketchup rice nestled between two pieces of fried chicken, has caused quite a stir on the Internet in Japan, causing hoards of hungry fried chicken fans to flock to their nearest KFC on February 7 to be one of the first to try it.

Our reporter Tashiro-kun, who is most famous for his 2013 Apple Lucky Bag escapades, eagerly visited the Shinjuku Station south entrance branch of KFC and finally, after much anticipation, the fabled Chicken Rice sandwich was his. As our reporter held the beautiful sandwich in his hands, he couldn’t help but shriek, “What the heck is this?!”

Our reporter had heard about the Chicken Rice sandwich before. How could he not? It’s been all over the Internet for about a month. But once he finally had the Kentucky Chicken Rice sandwich in front of him, the sheer girth of the two pieces of fried chicken, rice, cheese, and special sauces caught him off guard.

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Before he even began eating, the savory aroma wafted into his nostrils, causing an seemingly endless stream of drool. “This is going to be awesome!” he thought to himself.

Kentucky Chicken Rice6 Kentucky Chicken Rice7Kentucky Chicken Rice8

With high expectations, our reporter dug in to his behemoth Kentucky Chicken Rice sandwich, stuffing his cheeks as much as he could.

Kentucky Chicken Rice12

The more he chewed the more the juicy umami of the chicken mixed with the acidity and sweetness of the ketchup rice. The taste was intoxicating!

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The richness of the sliced cheddar cheese, special tomato sauce, and special mayonnaise sauce that was sandwiched between the two pieces of fried chicken put this sandwich over the top. It’s a delicious and dangerous combination that made our reporter want to eat a Kentucky Chicken Rice sandwich every single day.

But the Kentucky Chicken Rice is a devil in disguise. Enticed by the deliciousness of the juicy, tender chicken filets and perfectly seasoned ketchup rice, Tashiro-kun gobbled it up in just a couple of minutes. However, once he’d finished eating the enormous sandwich, he was overcome by the feeling that his stomach was filled past capacity.

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▼    Ah..I’m so happy and full! I don’t want to work!!Kentucky Chicken Rice16 Kentucky Chicken Rice17 Kentucky Chicken Rice18

The Kentucky Chicken Rice will only be sold at KFC stores in Japan until February 27, so hurry up and try one! Everyone should eat the Kentucky Chicken Rice at least once in their life! If you don’t, it will surely be a missed opportunity, a travesty even. Our reporter promises, if you try the Kentucky Chicken Rice, the flavor and sheer volume of the sandwich will cause you to be overcome with happiness and ecstasy. It really is that good.

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